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Datex Anesthesia Equipment

Medical Express Trading is a medical surplus company located in the San Jose Area. We focus on purchasing and selling surplus Datex anesthesia equipment and products to/from hospitals and private practice offices. Review our list of Datex Ohmeda products we sell and purchase. For more information, give us a call at 408.594.1360 or go to our Contact page.

datex anesthesia equipment
Datex Anesthesia Equipment with Superior ventilation

Model 7900 SmartVent™

  • Volume Mode, pressure
  • Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support
  • (PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP
  • Tidal volume compensation
  • One motion from mechanical to manual mode
  • Two key presses to total standby: end case
  • Cardiac bypass case mode


Open Systems Architecture

  • Lower overall height
  • User configurable drawers/shelving


Innovative patient breathing system

  • Eight machine hoses/cables integrated
  • “No tools” disassembly of components
  • Autoclavable and latex-free
  • Responsive location of common gas outlet


Improved low flow/reduced life cycle costs

  • Fresh gas flow compensation—automatically
  • Smooth, faster acting fresh gas flow control
  • Minimum O2 flow of 50 mL
  • Dual air flow tube for low flow
  • Two scheduled maintenance checks per year


datex anesthesia equipment
Datex Anesthesia Equipment with Innovative ventilation

Integrated features offer further ease of use for the clinician:

  • Optional suction control eliminates need for stand alone suction
  • Optional auxiliary O2 supplies a pure oxygen source for use with a nasal cannula
  • LED light strip provides bi-level work surface illumination
  • Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet facilitate slow pressure leak test
  • High quality pneumatic flow mixing
  • impedance patients.*


Optimized Work Environment

The S/5 Aespire was developed using our unique approach to perioperative solutions – close and continuous collaboration with clinicians. With you as our guide, we designed a compact, integrated, contemporary workstation to better meet your needs.

  • Power up is quick and easy in your fast-paced environment
  • Minimum 02 flow of 50 mL available with dual flow tubes, ensures accuracy in low flow situations
  • Enhanced hose and cable management reduces disconnects and clutter
  • Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability
  • Larger work surface for supplies and chart
  • Two large drawers provide more storage
  • Removable drawer insert conveniently stores small items
  • Smooth, durable surfaces for cleaning ease


Improved Patient Safety

The S/5 Aespire marks the introduction of the new Advanced Breathing System, the ABS. Its design, based on your needs and our expertise, is fully integrated into the workstation.

  • Fewer parts and connections reduce the potential for leaks and misconnects, providing greater patient safety
  • Our Multi Absorber* canister facilitates fast, easy removal and replacement
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Integrated electronics detect complete engagement or disengagement of the ABS
  • One step mechanical bag to vent switch requires no electronics Cost savings
  • Only one scheduled maintenance check per year
  • Tec 7 vaporizers are planned factory service free
  • Low flow anesthesia supported


Highly Effective Ventilation

Utilizing the proven performance of the 7100 ventilator, the S/5 Aespire helps provide highly effective ventilation for standard pediatric to adult patients.

  • The bellows provides a quick visual reference of the patient’s breathing stability
  • The intuitive user interface allows constant visual confirmation of function
  • Software is easily upgraded utilizing innovative memory sticks, so you can choose the ventilation capabilities you need
  • Standard software includes Volume Control ventilation, integrated volume and oxygen monitoring, electronic PEEP and alarm management, important for every case
  • Optional capabilities include Pressure Mode, pressure waveform and tidal volume compensation

datex anesthesia equipment

Datex Anesthesia Equipment


  • Enhanced monitor integration capabilities with our Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor and Compact Anesthesia monitor
  • Lightweight and compact for easy maneuverability
  • Optional integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter and suction control
  • Advanced Breathing System (ABS™):
  • One step bag/vent switch turns the ventilator on/off
  • Minimal number of parts and tube connections greatly reduces the potential for leaks and misconnects
  • Ease of disassembly (no tools)
  • Fully autoclavable and latex-free
  • 7100 Ventilator:
  • Volume and Pressure modes with electronic PEEP
  • Exhaled volume, airway pressure and inspired oxygen monitoring capabilities
  • Direct access to ventilator parameter settings
  • Smart alarms direct user to specific problems and affected parameters
  • Pressure bar graph for visual reference on a breath-by-breath basis (optional pressure waveform available)

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