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Mettler Sonicator 706 Therapy Ultrasound

Mettler Sonicator 706

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The Sonicator 706 ultrasound machine features a 10 cm applicator head delivering 1 MHz ultrasound therapy. The 706 with the 10 cm sound head is ideal for treating shoulders, backs, and other large, muscular areas. Sonicators are built to meet all international safety standards, so it can travel anywhere and deliver world class quality and performance. Control panel and display signals show treatment modes, times, power units and power output intensity. Self-tuning circuitry enhances system operation and reliability…reduces ongoing service requirements, and troubleshoots problems early. Portable power where you need it. Comfortable, light-weight transducer is impact resistant and watertight• Direct element-to-patient contact means more efficient energy use. Build on alarm, Includes applicator and power cord

This unit has been inspected by a qualified Biomedical equipment technician and is in good working order. The output watts are within specs at all levels. This is an easy “work around” by just resetting the time to zero and reentering your desired time.

Unit Model: ME 706
Ultrasound Applicator Model: ME 7001
Area: 10 cm2
Freq: 1.0 Mhz
Type: Coll
BNR: 6.0

Asking for $ 549.00

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